The City Where The Continents Meet

The city that is discovered as you live and fall in love as you discover


Capital of empires. the city that dominates the continents. cradle of civilizations. meeting point of cultures, civilizations and continents. These are just a few of the thousands of definitions that can be made out of thousands of words that can be said for Istanbul. Just as words are insufficient to describe Istanbul, just reading what is written about it and listening to what is told is not enough for you to get to know Istanbul. You will start to get to know Istanbul and fall in love as you get to know it. The history of humanity in Istanbul, Turkey's most developed and largest city, is approximately 400,000 years old, as revealed by recent research. However, the first great settlers of the city were the tribes of Megara. Another tribe that came to the same place before the Megarians, who founded the city of Byzantion, which gave its name to the Byzantine Empire, is the part of Istanbul that is called Sarayburnu today. Istanbul, which served as the capital of the Byzantine Empire and then the Ottoman Empire for more than 1500 years, is a metropolis where different cultures, nations and religions met over time, constantly beautified, equipped with the most magnificent monuments in the world, befitting its name as the capital of the empires. has been. Every culture, every nation and every religion are small stones that make up the Istanbul mosaic. These stones that make up the mosaic may not mean much to you on their own, but when they come together, they create Istanbul, the most beautiful work in the world.

Eating and Drinking

You can taste the most magnificent tastes of Turkish and world cuisines in the Bosphorus and panoramic views of Istanbul, which are identified with Istanbul and appear on all postcards of Istanbul, in luxury restaurants or in hundreds of years old historical places that have been converted into restaurants.


One of the most important practices that kept the Ottoman institutions alive was the foundation system. According to this system, if a mosque is being built, the staff fees, repair and maintenance costs of this mosque Another income-generating structure was created in order to meet various needs such as One of them was the bazaars. Here are the local people and foreign guests of Istanbul. This is how the story of the two most visited places, the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar, begins. There are more than 3,000 in the store that have reached their current state in a period of 250 years and are sold from antiques to jewelry, from gold to all kinds of souvenirs. you must visit the Grand Bazaar where you can find the shop side by side


Istanbul never sleeps. Activity in Istanbul with the start of the ships sailing to the Bosphorus in the morning from the sun. After that, it continues with amateur fishermen swinging their fishing lines from the Galata Bridge over the Golden Horn. At the first light of the day, it is remembered that Istanbul is a metropolis with its busy tempo and the sweet rush of those who go to work. On the ferry, which will be preferred for departures, breakfast is served with seagulls. In Istanbul, which was announced as the 2010 European Capital of Culture, besides its historical accumulation and cultural richness, exhibitions are held where the works of the world's most famous artists can be seen, and international art and music festivals bring artists and art lovers together. The cultural richness that Istanbul brings from its thousands of years of history is further enhanced by the cultural and artistic activities it hosts during these festivals, and the title of Capital of Culture is much more worthy of it. If you are a true art lover, you should not miss the concerts and shows held sometimes outdoors, sometimes in historical venues with excellent acoustics.

Beyoğlu is one of the places where you will definitely find a place where you can have fun 24 hours a day. There are beer houses, cafes and bars, old taverns that organize chapters in Çiçek Pasajı and Asmalımescit, and these are the most preferred places in Beyoğlu for entertainment.